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Our finance broker - Ankit Kakkad, recently completed a £38,000 Asset Finance deal for a concrete construction company who were looking to purchase brand new safety equipment from FreeFalcon who specialises in forward-thinking safety mobile devices that are currently used on construction sites across the UK, Europe and the US!

Ankit was able to utilise our comprehensive 125+ lending panel to be able to put together a bespoke Asset Finance agreement for the safety equipment provided by Freefalcon. The finance agreement consisted of 48 affordable monthly payments along with the benefit of 100% fully owning the equipment.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Joanne Lee at FreeFalcon for working alongside Ankit Kakkad in order for him to fulfil his client's request to purchase the specialised safety equipment. Due to the fantastic relationship, Ankit was also able to provide an extremely quick turnaround of 72 hours from initial enquiry to payout!

Are you a construction company looking to add or upgrade your safety equipment? With Equipment Finance (or Asset Finance) you can preserve valuable working capital by purchasing equipment, machinery or vehicles with affordable monthly repayments. Equipment Finance can take various forms including Hire Purchase, Leasing or Refinance. This type of product also allows for offsetting costs against profits, which is an effective tax relief strategy for any business.

If you would like to discuss your options, then please do not hesitate to contact Ankit at 01908 429888, email or click on the link to download our finance guide PDF for more information:



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