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Thomas Sudds, our Co-director, recently successfully secured an Equipment Finance deal worth up to £244,000 for a top construction company based in the UK.

Tom was able to tap into our extensive network of over 125+ lenders to find the perfect match and create a tailored Hire Purchase (HP) finance agreement. This agreement allows for an initial deposit followed by 36 manageable monthly payments. Not only does it provide improved cash flow through extended affordable monthly payment terms, but the company will also 100% fully own their equipment!

Are you a scaffolding firm in need of new equipment or interested in refinancing your existing assets? Look no further than Equipment Finance, also known as Asset Finance. This solution enables you to acquire equipment, machinery, or vehicles while preserving your valuable working capital through affordable monthly repayments. Equipment Finance offers various options such as Hire Purchase, Leasing, or Refinance. Moreover, it presents the opportunity to offset costs against profits, making it an effective tax relief strategy for any business.

If you believe that your business could benefit from Equipment Finance and would like to explore your options, feel free to reach out to Tom. You can contact him at 01908 429888 or email him at


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