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Life after SEASPIRACY - Will people still want to eat fish?

“As I try to rescue my business this week, a Netflix-shaped cloud looms” (Mark Hix)

Do you own a restaurant? Have you watched Seaspiracy?

On the 24th March 2021, Netflix released their ‘Seaspiracy’ documentary, which is about the environmental impact of the fishing industry.


The film’s powerful attack on the fishing industry is persuading a lot of viewers to stop eating fish, particularly the younger generation.

Mark Hix, English Chef and Restauranteur, explains that there is much in the documentary that he agree’s with especially with false claims made by producers to be sustainable and it highlights the exploitation of labour in the shellfish industry in certain parts of the world. However, he believes there is a world of difference between the floating-factory fishing fleets of the big players, whose impact on the oceans is every bit as a bad as the film suggests, and the local fisherman who go out into Lyme Bay to supply him with their catch.

“If you know how and where the fish you eat have been caught, or better still if you know who has caught them, then there is no reason to cut them out of your diet” (Mark Hix).

He believes that to stop eating fish isn’t the answer to concerns about the marine environment. We have to be smarter than that. He urges people to eat local or look for regionally sourced British wild fish, available from selected retailers.

“I accept that it is a challenge, but if you set your mind to anything, as I have found these past 12 months of lockdown, there are ways. Don’t give up on fish – or fish restaurants. Give up on the globalised fishing industry” (Mark Hix).

Have you watched Seaspiracy? Has it changed your eating habits?

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