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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Empower your business with our cash-flow friendly finance options, enabling you to acquire the necessary vehicles for your operations.

Business car finance is a type of Asset Finance that operates similarly to personal car financing, with the key advantage of being able to finance multiple cars simultaneously. This allows you to distribute the cost over different timeframes, aligning with your business requirements, rather than having to make a lump sum payment upfront.


1. Fund the vehicles you need:

Elevate your business's growth potential by embracing cars that enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

2. Spread the costs:

By opting for monthly payments, you can avoid tying up your cash reserves or negatively impacting your cash flow.

3. Choose the finance option that works best for your business:

Select from a range of hire purchase or leasing options, offering flexible terms of up to 120 months.


Whether you're in search of a commercial van or a business car, Approved Business Finance offers a range of tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our Lease and Hire Purchase options provide flexible financing arrangements for your chosen vehicle.

When it comes to business car finance, we understand the importance of convenience and choice. That's why we empower you to select your desired vehicle from any dealership, while we take care of the finance arrangements seamlessly.

To enhance your experience, we offer the option to incorporate servicing and maintenance into your monthly repayments, ensuring your vehicle remains in optimal condition throughout the financing period. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to choose between mileage options. Whether you require unrestricted mileage or prefer to specify your annual mileage, we can customise the financing terms accordingly. By specifying your mileage, you can benefit from lower monthly repayments tailored to your anticipated usage.

In addition, our attractive final balloon payment option allows you to further reduce your monthly payments, making the financing solution even more affordable. This enables you to manage your cash flow efficiently while enjoying the advantages of a reliable and suitable business vehicle.

At Approved Business Finance, we strive to provide you with comprehensive and flexible financing options, empowering you to drive your business forward with confidence and convenience.


We keep our business finance options transparent - no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

This is business finance made easy. Our no-obligation application won't impact your credit score.



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