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We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of our co-director, Thomas Sudds, who, in collaboration with Allica Bank, was able to successfully finance a remarkable £778,000 in Asset Finance for businesses across the UK within just one month!

Thanks to Thomas Sudds' exceptional efforts, Approved Group Finance and Allica Bank joined forces to support numerous businesses in the construction, manufacturing, and self-storage industries. This partnership enabled these enterprises to acquire vital assets and seize exciting expansion opportunities.

With a focus on flexible repayment terms and swift fund disbursement, businesses turned to Thomas Sudds, who recommended Allica Bank as the perfect partner. Leveraging the Recovery Loan Scheme, we surpassed initial expectations by providing terms that exceeded industry standards.

Reflecting on the success of the collaboration, Thomas Sudds expressed, "Through the use of Allica Bank's asset finance products, we have empowered our customers with affordable and flexible financing options. This has allowed them to invest in crucial capital assets, fuel business growth, and mitigate unnecessary financial risks. Our customers can now utilise funds within their organisations to drive sustained expansion. The newly acquired assets have played a pivotal role in securing new contracts, boosting productivity and turnover."

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the exceptional team at Allica Bank, with a special shout-out to Daniel Kneafsey. Daniel's tireless efforts in processing Approved Finance Group's applications have undoubtedly contributed to our incredible start to 2023! Thank you to everyone involved.



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