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A skip hire company in Scotland recently secured a £50,000 Asset Finance deal for a skip lorry, all thanks to the exceptional efforts of our Business Finance Broker, Chris Philpott once again!

Chris successfully arranged a Hire Purchase Asset Finance agreement consisting of 59 affordable monthly payments, enabling the client to gain complete ownership of the skip lorry.

Due to the remarkable growth of their business, the client was in need of an additional skip lorry for their expanding fleet. Unfortunately, they couldn't find one that matched their specifications. However, Chris swiftly reached out to one of his trusted suppliers who happened to have the perfect skip lorry in stock, ensuring a quick turnaround time of just 36 hours!

If your skip hire company leases or rents valuable assets, you can greatly benefit from Equipment Finance (or Asset Finance). It allows you to acquire machinery, equipment, or vehicles through affordable monthly repayments. This type of finance offers various options such as Hire Purchase, Leasing, or Refinance, enabling businesses to offset costs against profits and implement an effective tax relief strategy.

To explore your finance options for a skip lorry, don't hesitate to contact Chris at 01908 429888, email



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