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Our Senior Finance Broker - George Dunn, was able to recently complete an Equipment Finance deal for a world leading active entertainment company worth up to £185,000!

The Equipment Finance was required in order for them to complete a location fit-out, which included equipment such as drink machines, audio/TV equipment, signage and internal decorations, partitions, ceiling fixtures, flooring, electrical installations, security systems and health and safety equipment. George was able to use our comprehensive 80+ lending panel, in order to provide the client with the finance they needed with a bespoke finance agreement.

Are you a franchise needing equipment finance for a refurbishment or new fit-out? With Equipment Finance (otherwise known as Asset Finance) you can preserve valuable working capital by purchasing equipment, machinery or vehicles with affordable monthly repayments. Equipment Finance can take on various different forms including Hire Purchase, Leasing or Refinance. This type of product also allows for the offset of costs against profits, which is an effective tax relief strategy for any business.

If you feel that your business could benefit from Equipment Finance and you would like to discuss your options, then please do not hesitate to contact George on 01908 429888, email or click on the link to download our finance guide PDF for more information:



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