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Advancements in technology in one of the main asset that a company can invest in to guarantee future innovation and success. In the construction industry, technology is always improving in order for machines to become more functional, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Leica Geosystem’s new 3D Machine Control System (MC1) is just one example. This device is used all across mini excavators and other multiple machines and it allows improved data handling, reduced costs, increase in productivity and simplifies work progress.

Construction firms have been experiencing an increase in projects over the last few quarters, prompting investment into new equipment and technology. It’s not only a question of being equipped to take on new projects, but also differentiating yourself from other firms. Approved Business Finance has utilised the Equipment/Asset Finance product to allow firms to invest in technology as well as equipment. This product has many benefits including immediate access to the equipment your business needs, with monthly repayments enabling firms to manage cash flow effectively.


If your firm could benefit from Asset/Equipment Finance, contact us on 01908 429888 or email



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