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Business Contract Hire enables customers to gain access to the equipment necessary to empower their workforce, enhance their operational efficiency, and stay ahead of the dynamic market landscape.

This financing option not only provides you with a competitive advantage but also fosters the establishment of a mutually beneficial and enduring partnership with your customers. It lays the groundwork for a profitable, long-term relationship that supports the growth and success of both parties in a bustling marketplace.


Instead of outright purchasing a depreciating asset, your customers can experience its advantages through a lease spanning 12 to 60 months. Each leasing agreement is customised to suit the unique business needs of the customer, encompassing asset servicing and maintenance as part of the package.

Business contract hire provides a comprehensive solution where equipment can be rented, with all service and maintenance costs conveniently integrated into the rental payments.

Upon completion of the contract, your customers simply return the equipment. As long as all return conditions are met, no additional payments are required, providing a hassle-free conclusion to the arrangement.

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