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Our Senior Finance Broker - Thomas Sudds, recently completed an Equipment Finance deal worth up to £150,000 for a leading developing contractor for the construction and housing sector in the North West.

The client came to Tom requesting finance as they needed to purchase more equipment for the business. Tom was able to work alongside the lender - Arkle Finance Ltd, to provide the client with their bespoke finance agreement. As well as completing the finance agreement, Tom was then able to utilise our exclusive partnership with TRAD UK to supply his client with the equipment that they required.

Our exclusive partnership with TRAD UK enables us to accelerate access to their scaffolding equipment through bespoke finance products. TRAD UK is one of the UK’s leading scaffolding and safety product supply companies. Their innovative approach to scaffolding and safety systems means they can offer leading technology that allows contractors to work safely at height and across all project types.

Are you a scaffolding firm looking to upgrade or increase its scaffolding equipment? With Equipment Finance (otherwise known as Asset Finance) you can preserve valuable working capital by purchasing equipment, machinery or vehicles with affordable monthly repayments. Equipment Finance can take on various forms including Hire Purchase, Leasing or Refinance. This type of product also allows for the offset of costs against profits, which is an effective tax relief strategy for any business.

To find out more then please contact our Senior Finance Broker - Thomas Sudds on 07860 873899 or email him at Alternatively, you can click on the link below to download our finance guide:



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