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Civil engineering contractor J Murphy & Sons has committed to a 50% net reduction in emissions by 2025, becoming carbon net zero by 2030 and net positive by 2050.

To get there it will be looking to switch to greener machinery in the near future. It plans to spend £75m on reduced-carbon machinery, much of which is likely to be battery or solar powered.

Approved Business Finance is seeing more and more firms making significant investments in replacing or adding to their fleet of vehicles and machinery. With our Equipment/Asset Finance product, firms can benefit from monthly repayments rather that an upfront outlay. This is especially advantageous as business owners look to protect their working capital and use flexible finance options to grow the business in other areas. It’s also worth noting that this type of significant investment will have considerable tax benefits thanks to the Super-deduction, with 130% in capital allowances.

If your firm could benefit from Asset Finance or Refinance, contact us on 01908 429888 or email

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